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Setting Out For Construction online course


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  • AutoCAD, Civil 3D, LSS, Trimble Business Centre, n4ce
  • Machine control – Leica MC1, Trimble Earthworks, Topcon 3DMC
  • Setting Out and Surveying, GNSS
  • Videos and animations
  • Demonstrations
  • Smartphone accessible
  • Ask the tutor questions
  • I got a first-hand practical experience on the SOFC 5 day course. The trainer was amazing and she is very good at impacting knowledge to her trainees. I would 100%... read more

    Peter Ezeanya Avatar Peter Ezeanya
    4 June, 2023

    An experience worth having. Don't worry about your knowledge level, be it starter or experienced, there is a lot to learn. With a facilitator like Gail, you are sure to... read more

    Uche Okoro Avatar Uche Okoro
    3 June, 2023

    A great 5-day Setting Out for Construction course. Important for improving your skills. A lot of practice with modern devices. Here they teach good practices in the construction industry. Thank... read more

    Roman Martsinkovskyi Avatar Roman Martsinkovskyi
    8 December, 2022
  • Instruction was clear and patient, with questions thoroughly answered by Paul. The professional experience of instructors was useful, and the course moved at a brisk and calm pace, methodically going... read more

    Peter Jenkin Avatar Peter Jenkin
    8 August, 2022

    After 20 years in the field I have to say these guys are thee go to for all your engineering learning needs with a personalised support that can get you... read more

    Victor Kendrick Avatar Victor Kendrick
    8 July, 2022

    I contacted Saffron at SOFC a while back with the intention of attending the week long course. After chatting to her about my experience as a groundworker and the work... read more

    A B Avatar A B
    8 June, 2022
  • Saffron, Gail & Fil are very professional and have always been happy to answer any queries I have had separate to the training course. Definitely recommend for anyone wanting... read more

    CAJGS Avatar CAJGS
    8 June, 2022

    They are Professional and Supportive

    Sam Agboola Avatar Sam Agboola
    8 June, 2022

    Gail was a fantastic mentor for the week who really had patience in demonstrating the modules involved in the course. This has really give me the confidence in my job... read more

    Joel Avatar Joel
    8 June, 2022
  • I would highly recommend SOFC. I invested in a one man robotic kit and with no engineering experience and no qualifications I needed a lot of help. I attended various... read more

    Harold Biggar Avatar Harold Biggar
    8 June, 2022

    Gail came to our construction site to train our engineers on creating machine control models. She was extremely engaging and knowledgeable on the topic. The course was very useful and... read more

    Holly Smith Avatar Holly Smith
    8 June, 2022

    Have completed various courses with SOFC and would highly recommend Saffron and her team to all levels of engineers from Graduates to more senior members of staff. Topics that have... read more

    Jordan Speirs Avatar Jordan Speirs
    8 June, 2019
  • It was a really good educational experience to attend the course of setting out engineer (5 days). I learned a lot and now I'm very confident about the use of... read more

    E C Avatar E C
    8 June, 2019

    I did attend the Setting Out for Construction (5 days) and I have no words to describe how satisfied I am with the overall content of the course. Yet, tutor... read more

    Krillnikiv Sousa Avatar Krillnikiv Sousa
    8 June, 2019

    Saffron is a master at work. She is pure and she is passionate. She can answer ANY question you need answering related to construction and setting out. I highly recommend... read more

    Jessica Rabbit Avatar Jessica Rabbit
    8 June, 2019
  • Amazing course in gaining practical knowledge into setting out and site engineering, attended the week long setting out course and was able to improve my understanding of setting out principles... read more

    Tolib M AYOOLA Avatar Tolib M AYOOLA
    8 June, 2019

    I would highly recommend the setting out courses for new and developing Engineers. The course entailed tuition of the tasks to be undertaken on site, accompanied with the theory to... read more

    Bobi Archer Avatar Bobi Archer
    8 June, 2019

    The course was very beneficial as the content is tailored to your needs and they were also very helpful after the course when i needed guidance in overcoming problems i... read more

    scott anderson Avatar scott anderson
    8 June, 2019
  • Absolutely fantastic course! It would benefit even the most experienced engineers out there although I would specifically recommend any young Engineer getting into construction to do this before hand. The... read more

    Jack Townsley Avatar Jack Townsley
    8 June, 2019

    5 stars course as all the information build in into the material of the course is amazingly useful and spot on when it comes practicing on an actual project on... read more

    Marius Ignat Avatar Marius Ignat
    8 June, 2019

    I attended this course in Oct 2018! I had just recently passed an HNC in civil engineering. This course was invaluable for practical use of instruments, knowlege of logging data... read more

    Al Woods Avatar Al Woods
    8 June, 2019
  • This course was very enjoyable and I learn a lot! There was some theory work too which allowed me to further understand how things worked out on site. The hands... read more

    Ollie Biggs Avatar Ollie Biggs
    8 June, 2019

    The course was excellent for skill acquisition and viable competency. Quite a lot was gained within a week training. However, I wil like to recommend the training to be stretched... read more

    oomileke1 Avatar oomileke1
    8 June, 2019

    An excellent course, well paced and full of content and practical exercises. I came to it without any prior industry experience. The principles were covered thoroughly in the... read more

    Michael Byrne Avatar Michael Byrne
    8 June, 2019
  • I am glad to have done this course, because it shows step by step the theory behind setting out and the on-field training with the latest modern instruments.

    Antonio Castilho Avatar Antonio Castilho
    8 June, 2019

    Very beneficial and enjoyable. Trainer took time to explain every aspect of the course in detail. Good mix of theory and practical exercises. Site Manager Inverness. June 2018

    Scott Morrison Avatar Scott Morrison
    8 June, 2019

    I attended the course in January and found it very helpful indeed.The course content was relevant and was well presented by Saffron supported by Matt. I would recommend the course... read more

    Patrick Matangi Avatar Patrick Matangi
    8 June, 2018
  • I completed the 5 Day Setting Out course in February with no previous experience of the subject. The optional pre-course units and videos were good quality and helpful both as... read more

    Loretta Lipworth Avatar Loretta Lipworth
    8 June, 2018

    Did this course with a tutor called MATT and as well as been very knowable he was easy to speak to both in class and out of class. He had... read more

    martin booth Avatar martin booth
    8 June, 2018

    It is a stright to the point course and enjoyable. Each theoretical exercise is practised which was great for me.

    Mark Attard Avatar Mark Attard
    8 June, 2018

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Image of the book, Setting Out for Construction, available now

The most useful and easy-to-follow book ever written about setting out…

  • The book for site engineers
  • Everything explained clearly
  • Worked examples
  • Hundreds of pictures
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Essential setting out checks
  • Troubleshooting checklists

“The course didn’t just give me the knowledge and skills for setting out… I got the chance to ask questions about what it was like to work on site as a qualified Engineer, how to handle work load, how to deal with difficult personalities and how to excel in the role. I genuinely learned so much more from Saffron than just the set course content.”

~ Site Engineer Eng Tech MICE, Central Scotland

“I have recently completed the 5 day Setting Out course and would recommend it to anyone without any hesitation. I don’t think I can do Saffron justice in just a few words but to say the course has made a massive difference to me is an understatement. The course itself was extremely challenging but ultimately rewarding and Saffron provided the patience and support I needed all the way. I felt so out of my depth initially but she revisited any area that I wasn’t confident in until no mistakes were made. I am happy to say that I am now setting out on a full-time basis and thoroughly enjoying it, and only refer to my ‘note reminders’ on the odd occasion. I would encourage anyone to gain additional skills in Engineering and wish I had done this course years ago, I would just like to thank Saffron for her excellent tuition.”

— Steve Clewlow, Managing Director, SCC.

“This course gave me an excellent insight into setting out engineering and the methods and devices used on construction sites. All concepts were well explained by an experienced and knowledgeable tutor. After doing this course, I am now confident that I could start a job as a setting out engineer, and hit the ground running.”

— Michael McHugh, Graduate Engineer

“The setting out for construction 5 day practical course was brilliant. Saffron showed me everything I needed to know so I could set out on my own successfully and with full confidence. Each activity over the 5 days was delivered using a clear and easy step by step in depth explanation in the classroom which lead to a demonstration/ hands-on exercise putting this into practice outside, Saffron went over each part carefully until you felt comfortable that you could do it on your own, no matter how many times you got it wrong or had to ask a question. I now have a full understanding on how to set out in any situation using different methods on-site. I found the survey book which I wrote notes from the week and we did the activities in very helpful and have this with me all the time just for a quick look back to make sure I’m doing it right. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to improve their on-site setting out skills and any companies who want top quality engineers. Thank you Saffron for a very helpful and enjoyable 5 day course.”

— Bethany Welsh, Trainee Civil Engineer, Balfour Beatty

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