We know about knowledge and skills gaps, and that mistakes happen.

We know checks and record keeping don’t always get done correctly.

We have been providing setting out training for the last 15 years with consistent positive feedback.

Our trainers all have relevant industry experience combined with proven teaching capability.

WE UNDERSTAND the problems construction companies face finding and keeping good quality, reliable site engineers in a worsening skills shortage.

WE KNOW that in spite of the right qualifications, many site engineers have vital gaps in their knowledge and practical skills, and that often these gaps don’t show up until a serious mistake happens.

WE KNOW that many engineers are not building the correct checks in to their work or keeping records of their setting out in the right way.

WE KNOW that site engineers could be more productive and flexible if they had focused training on not just the powerful equipment they have available to them, but on the critical underpinning knowledge.

WE KNOW that many engineers lack confidence.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP those companies who want to ensure their site engineers are properly trained by a reputable training company.

Many construction employers just don’t realise a small amount of training can dramatically increase the productivity and output of their site engineers.

WE WANT to bust the misconception that modern surveying equipment precludes the need for structured training.

WE WANT to help construction businesses realise they are walking a tightrope when they assume their engineers are following best practice.

WE SPECIALISE in providing practical training in site surveying and setting out. Our training is employer-focused and based on the most common setting out tasks used every day on site. Our training helps engineers be more flexible, more productive and minimise the risk of costly errors.

To us, setting out is not simply about a body of knowledge. It is also about focus, skill, organisation, communication, confidence, engineering judgement and high-quality decision making.

Our training teaches best practice and places as much emphasis on correct record keeping as it does on efficiency and accuracy.

As well as delivering training and providing on-site support and mentoring to site engineers, we are working with colleges, universities, the CITB and construction companies to drive changes to outdated qualifications, develop educational resources and create employer focused training courses.

If you’re not sure how best we can help you ensure your engineers are reaching their potential and adding maximum value to your business, drop us an email or give us a call on 0845 519 5632.

Once we know a bit more about your company and the specific challenges you are facing we will help you explore how you would like us to work with you.

Meet the team

Gail McEwen

Gail McEwen: Director and Trainer: BSc (hons) Environmental Civil Engineering

Image of Saffron Grant

Saffron Grant: Founder and Trainer: BSc (hons) Civil Engineering

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