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The CITB is undergone a change in structure. Here we explain what the changes are and how they affect construction companies, course delegates, construction industry workers and training providers.

We also explain Setting Out for Construction’s role in developing the CITB Assured standards for Setting out, GNSS, AutoCAD, 3D modelling and mapping, drone, laser scanning and machine control courses.

Setting Out for Construction has played a key role in developing the CITB Assured courses. We created a proposed list of learning outcomes and consulted with industry stakeholders to ensure the courses would meet the needs of employers. The suite of courses is designed to be modular, so there is no overlap between the courses, whilst covering the full range of skills needed. If you feel there is something that is not covered within this existing range of courses, please get in touch with and we can explore the possibility of submitting extra courses for approval.

Did you know the CITB is changing?

CITB have launched a new training model  which is designed to make the training available in the construction industry more consistent and more accessible.

The new model comprises three parts:

  • The Construction Training Directory (CTD) – An online directory of Assured Training Organisations and the courses they are approved to provide. The directory lists Assured Products, CITB Products and Recognised Products.
  • The Construction Training Register (CTR) – A register of all construction industry workers and the training they have completed.
  • Automated Grant Payments – Construction companies who are levy payers can now claim their grants automatically when an employee completes training, rather than having to fill in and send off paperwork.

What is a CITB Assured Product?

CITB Assured Products are training products that meet the CITB short duration training standards. They can only be delivered by Approved Training Organisations (ATOs).

Setting out courses are in this category. You can find them in the Construction Training Directory under the heading Site Surveying and Setting Out.

The recent changes to the CITB training model mean that levy paying organisations can only claim grant payments on training which appears in the training directory. Currently, Setting Out for Construction is the only private training company offering CITB Assured setting out courses.

What is the Construction Training Register (CTR)?

The Construction Training Register is an online database of construction workers’ training achievements and qualifications. Construction employers can search the register to check the skills and competence of any employee or potential employee.  Construction workers can check the details of their profile and the training and qualifications listed on it.

If you don’t have a profile yet, we will set one up for you and upload your achievements. Any future CITB Assured courses will then be uploaded by the training provider so all your construction related training will be held in one fully verifiable and searchable location.

Is Setting Out for Construction an ATO?

Yes, we are ATO, authorised to offer a range of CITB Assured Products. This means we have completed an application process and demonstrated that our organisation meets all the requirements of an ATO. Part of this process involves providing specific details for each course we offer, including how we will ensure that each individual learning outcome is achieved by delegates.

Levy paying companies can claim grants against our CITB products, and we will upload delegates’ achievements to their profiles on the Construction Training Register.

What is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO)?

An Approved Training Organisation is an organisation which is approved by the CITB to deliver certain CITB Assured Products.

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