• SMEs
  • Enabling business growth
  • Supporting young engineers

Are you frustrated by any of the following problems?

  • Poor quality control points
  • Poor quality record keeping
  • Costly errors
  • Engineers not being properly trained in the first place
  • Not having the budget for engineers to get proper mentoring before being thrown in at the deep end.

How does this sound instead?

  • All relevant paperwork set up for the whole job
  • Equipment checking regimes in place
  • Accurate reliable control points set up at the beginning so the whole job goes smoothly
  • No need to subcontract to a survey company
  • No need to rely on freelance engineers

Supporting your business to the next level

  • Once your engineer has been given proper training and guidance, they can apply the learning to all their future jobs
  • They will be able to share the learning with other engineers they work with
  • They can help change the culture on your sites.


1. Meet the engineer and other relevant staff on site
(e.g. site manager, site agent, project manager)

2. Create a list of all the relevant documentation
(e.g. drawings, contract document, specification, procedures and policies)

3. With the engineer, go through all documentation with a fine tooth comb, creating a Survey Plan and a Survey File which fits with your existing QA system.

4. Work with the engineer to establish accurate and reliable horizontal and vertical primary control points which will be in place for the duration of the works.

The engineer will establish the control points with the guidance of the mentor.

5. Work with the engineer to establish secondary control points and ensure that the correct procedure is followed.

6. After the set- up phase we will provide email and phone support free of charge for 28 days. Continuing support is available after that.

How do I know this is right for my business?

Give us a ring and we’ll tell you – 0845 519 5632.

We’ll give you advice based on your specific situation and help you work out whether the support will add value to your business and whether you’ll achieve what what you want from it.

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