• Improve productivity
  • Latest software used
  • Small class sizes

This course is aimed at people who are confident using the total station and/or GNSS, have a working knowledge of 3D coordinate geometry and construction drawings and who have basic computer literacy.

Setting Out for Construction is an Approved Training Organisation.

Course content

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Set up a logical filing system
  • Import data from the total station
  • Tabulate data
  • Check the accuracy of the instrument set-up and control points based on measured data
  • Retrospectively attribute codes to points or re-code points
  • Annotate levels
  • Set up code tables
  • Transform local coordinates into OS and vice versa
  • Create annotated sections
  • Import images
  • Select points from an electronic file and export them to a setting out schedule
  • Create a contoured plan
  • Compare volumes between subsequent surveys
  • Use least squares adjustment to analyse results including control point data
  • Retrospectively insert or edit break lines
  • Carry out visual checks on 3D models
  • Render slab levels and create a ‘heat map’ or report of as-built Vs design levels
  • Select layers to isolate the relevant information
  • Check and convert units
  • Import data into the total station including strings, polylines and design surfaces
  • Describe the potential technical and contractual pitfalls of working with electronic information as opposed to hard copy drawings
  • Use basic drafting functions
  • Create drawings and deliverables and present them correctly

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