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We understand that the practical nature of surveying modules means they require much more planning than standard classroom-based modules. We understand that lecturers are sometimes required to deliver the module, even though they do not have any industry experience of site surveying.

We have worked with many different colleges and universities to help them overcome these challenges.

In addition to our support services, we have a full eLearning package available which supports classroom and practical sessions. Imagine what it would be like if your students had already seen the practical exercises and booking examples with their own eyes before they attempt their practical work?

“Saffron Grant has worked with Glasgow Caledonian University for a number of years in the area of construction engineering. Saffron, working with us at in the School of Engineering and Built Environment designed and implemented a practical based ‘site setting-out module’. Saffron fully understands the student needs, what employers are looking for whilst matching this to the requirements of the University. The assessment criteria is based upon practical activities, an approach which has been well received by the students and University alike. Saffron encourages, motivates and communicates well with all students on the course and is a reliable colleague with excellent technical ability, a good personality but always extremely professional in her approach to the job. If you want to be taught professionally and be competent at the end of the course in terms of setting-out then please do not hesitate to use Saffron.”

— Nigel Craig, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader, Glasgow Caledonian University

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