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We are the only private CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO) offering the CITB Assured site surveying and setting out courses.

We have been providing the highest standard in setting out training for the last 10 years. Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of construction industry employers. Our courses cover the full range of setting out skills required by site engineers.

There are many benefits to equipping your site engineers with the skills they need in order to do their job correctly.

The obvious benefits:

  • Increase productivity, output and flexibility of your engineers
  • Improve the quality and accuracy of their setting out work
  • Keep to the construction schedule
  • Reduce costly rework, wastage and time delays by minimising errors
  • Ensure the correct records are kept to support claims and compensation events
  • CPD for your employees.

And some less obvious benefits

  • Bring skills in-house so you are not dependent on freelance engineers
  • Improve your company’s reputation
  • Help keep site level relationships running smoothly
  • Keep hold of good engineers by making them feel valued, supported and fully prepared to undertake the high pressure tasks required of them.
Our approach to teaching is that every delegate must carry out each exercise independently rather than obtain a set of results as a pair or group. We move onto the next step only once every delegate has mastered the previous one.

We use real world drawings and scenarios for all our practical exercises, always reinforcing how the learning outcomes are related to everyday setting out tasks on site. Class discussions form an important part of the learning process, drawing on the experience of all the delegates in the room.

All our trainers are CITB Approved Trainers, currently teach engineering surveying modules in at least one college or university, are qualified to degree level and have relevant industry experience.

The learning outcomes of our courses can be applied to all aspects of construction including earthworks, road construction, buildings and houses, foundations, structures and reinforced concrete.

If you would like to hear about the experiences of some of our previous delegates you can read more on our case studies page.


This 5- day practical course teaches the principles and practices of setting out using the level and total station, which can be applied to all aspects of construction including earthworks, roads, buildings, foundations, piles, structural steel, structures, reinforced concrete, houses. The course is suitable for complete beginners and those who already have experience but would like understand the fundamental principles and ensure they are using best practice.


This course is for site engineers who would like to get to grips with data preparation and manipulation using software which interfaces with the total station. Delegates will learn how to export measured data from the total station and work with it in CAD and import electronic data to the total station.


This course teaches the principles of levelling and using a tape measure to set out construction elements or to take basic surveys. Delegates will learn to record their work in a methodical way, incorporate checks into all their levelling work, set up vertical control points and check that the instrument is working correctly.


This course teaches the practices and principles of using a total station to set up primary and secondary control points, build vital checks into all setting out tasks, record work correctly, carry out simple field checks on the instrument and use the powerful onboard functions for maximum flexibility and productivity.


This course is aimed at engineers who are fully conversant with the principles of the total station and who would like to apply their knowledge and experience to a one-man robotic total station. Delegates will learn how to set up the instrument, use the on-board functions for maximum productivity and transfer data to and from the total station in various formats.


This course is for engineers who use GNSS for setting out and surveying on construction sites. Delegates will learn to set up control points, check and monitor accuracy, carry out a topographical survey, use the on-board functions for setting out, measure areas and volumes and work with DXFs and DTMs.


This course is aimed at engineers who are fully conversant with the principles of GNSS, total station, coordinate systems and CAD and who would like to bring them all together into the context of Machine Control. Delegates will learn how to prepare and manipulate data, tie into site control points, work with the cab display unit, take as-built surveys and carry out checks to ensure that the equipment is set up correctly.


This course is aimed machine operators who are required to work with machine control technology. Delegates will learn the essential basic information required for switching between different displays, working with layers, taking measurements using the bucket or blade and carrying out fault-finding checks. The training is suitable for trainee or experienced machine operators.


We offer bespoke 1-2-1 training tailored to your needs. This service is available anywhere in the UK. Our trainer can come to your site to work with you there or we can arrange a suitable location. We can hire any equipment you request for your training or train you on your own equipment or give you advice regarding the equipment that may be best suited to your needs.


Do you ever wonder if you are really getting the most out of your equipment? If you feel like you aren’t using it to its full potential, we can help you be more productive and flexible with whatever instrument you are using. We can provide in-house or 1-2-1 training on any type of instrument you require. If you are thinking about hiring or buying equipment in the near future, as part of the training we provide we are happy to offer impartial advice on the equipment which would best suit your needs.


If you have more than 3 engineers who require training, it could be more cost effective to arrange for us to deliver the course in-house for you. We can deliver any of our standard courses or create a bespoke course which is based on your own company’s procedures and focuses on the particular construction activities your engineers undertake.


If you don’t have the staff in place to deliver the module or don’t have suitable facilities on your campus, we can help you on a short term or ongoing basis. We are experienced in delivering HNC, HND and degree level units. As well as delivering training to the students we provide a ‘train the trainer’ service for lecturers who are new to the module.

How do I know which course is right for my engineers?

Give us a ring and we’ll tell you – 0845 519 5632.

We’ll give you advice based on your specific situation and help you work out whether the course will add value to you and whether you’d get what you want to achieve from it.