SOFC are delighted to offer a fully or partially funded 10 day intensive Groundworker Upskilling Program which aims to increase the number of people in the industry who can take on setting tasks and inspire them on the pathway to further learning and development, whilst improving efficiency and productivity for employers and reducing setting out errors and their associated costs, delays and disputes. This article will tell you all you need to know!


Why would we want to upskill groundworkers to take on setting out tasks? 

Many companies decide to upskill their groundworkers because their project are blighted with setting out related errors and delays, they have difficulty getting hold of or are paying too much for external Engineers who are not even doing a good job, or just simply decide they would like to be fully in control of setting out within their own company.


Are groundworkers really capable of carrying out setting out activities? 

From our extensive experience of training a very wide range of candidates we have found that machine operators and groundworkers pick up setting out skills very easily. This is because they are familiar with the construction process, have a great understanding of how things fit together, have a proven track record of practical skills and are used working to setting out provided by others


Is the course only for groundworkers or can other job roles attend? 

The course is ideal for anyone who works on civils or groundwork’s projects and would like to get involved in setting out tasks. This includes groundworkers, supervisors, foremen, trainee engineers, site engineers who have not had setting out experience, site managers and business owners.


What does the program cover? 

For full details of the course content see the course page here.


How much does the programme cost?


The normal cost of the program is £3500+VAT however if you are living and working in England the course is either fully or partially funded depending on your employment status or the size of your company.


  • For unemployed or self-employed people the training is completely free.
  • Small and medium employers  (fewer than 250 employees) £350+VAT
  • Large employers (more than 250 employees) £1050 +VAT


Where does the funding come from?

The programme is funded through the Department of Education (DofE) Skills Bootcamps funding. Click here to find out more .


As an employer, how will this training add value to our business? 

By strategically upskilling key members of your site team to take on certain setting out activities, you could significantly reduce your reliance on agency engineers and improve the efficiency of your engineers by letting them focus on the tasks that are best suited to their skill level rather than spending time on tasks they could be supervising others to do. You could also greatly reduce the occurrence of costly setting out errors and the associated delays and contractual disputes.


If I attend this training, will it improve my employment options or career prospects? 

That’s exactly what this training is designed to do. In fact that is what makes it eligible for the funding. If you are unemployed, upon completion of the training we will connect you with an employer who will offer you a job interview. If you are self-employed, this option is also available to you if you do not feel there are progression options with your current Client.


Can employers access this funding for other types of training? 

Yes. Employers in England can access the Skills Bootcamps funding or any type of training that demonstrates employees are able to take on new responsibilities. SOFC are partnered with CPJ Education who can provide any training you need that fits this criteria. Please book a call with us or email if you would like to find out more.


How do I book this course? 

Whether you are booking for yourself or on behalf of someone in your company, you can register for the course here and a member of our team will call you. This is for us to explain the funding application process (which is very straightforward) and ensure that the course is right for your needs.